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Elmer and healthy eating

Today, class 1 discussed what it means to eat healthily and had a chance to look at some delicious examples.

We also designed some healthy packed lunches and these will be seen on display shortly. Its wonderful to know that our children can start to recognise and make some healthy eating choices. An absolute must for getting the most out of our energy levels and learning.


We also had a lovely time reading and discussing Elmer and designed our very on Elmer elephant using different shapes that we are currently learning about. We got to jazz the triangles, rectangles, circles and squares with some dazzling stars and love hearts.

Have a lovely weekend class 1 and we will see you next week!!!

Miss Sky

Also, a huge well done and thank you to the children and Mrs Stone for putting the finishing touches to our fundraising Christmas cards to get them sent off in plenty of time! 🙂

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  1. class1 Reply

    Thanks Miss Sky!
    I must say I was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of which foods are healthy.

    The children also were really good at hearing the initial sounds and then having a go at writing them to label the foods they drew in their lunch boxes.
    We had ‘s’ for sandwiches, ‘g’ for grapes, ‘t’ for tomato, ‘a’ for apple and ‘p’ for pea pods, to name just a few.

    Theylooked good enought to eat!!

    The children all wrote their name on their lunchbox so we knew who’s was who’s.

    Super work. Well done everyone.

    Mrs Ramli 🙂

  2. gaurie [ goutham 's big sister] Reply

    wow I bet everyone had lots of fun I wish I were in class1 🙂

  3. Miss Sky. Reply

    Gaurie, fab to hear from you. I’m sure that class 1 would love to have you, but you need very short legs and boundless energy. Anyway, I see you’re doing excellent and challenging work in class 7 with Mr Staite. I certainly enjoy working in there on Monday and Tuesdays!


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