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The end of our first half term

Tomorrow is the last day of your first half term in Class 5.

What have you enjoyed?

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  1. Sophie Reply

    I loved doing P.E and maths. I hope that we do some more hard maths. Are we Mr.Mastrelli?

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply

      Of course Sophie! Multiplication and division awaits…

  2. Betsy Reply

    I have rearly enjoyd P.E this year because I LOVE Net ball.I also have loved English.

  3. Helen Reply

    I have really enjoyed maths and also the mental maths test. English was the best especialy the persuasive texts. Will we do more Mr mastrelli?

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply

      Hopefully later on in the year Helen. It was very exciting!

  4. Mollie Reply

    I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I espiacally like english and art.

  5. Logan Reply

    I love awsom maths with mr mastralli!!!!!!

  6. Freddie Reply

    I never want to leave.

  7. chelsea and Harry Reply

    My best thing is maths because we have done lots of dobling and dobling is the best thing you could do.But also I have enjoyed P.E in P.E we do Netball and football but the most thing that is that Class 5 is the biggest and best Class.

  8. Millie Hughes Reply

    I loved doing the perswasive letter tasks because I have always liked writing letters.I also liked the Exiting Writing task were you had to describe the trolls personality, apperance, family and his house.

  9. Ella Reply

    I’ve enjoyed are adventure stories because I got to put Shakespeare.Any way it isn’t Willam Shakespeare it’s just Shakespeare cat.

  10. Stanley Reply

    Hi teacher I loved MATHS! and P.E and all the diffront subjecs. I want diffront and harder maths inded.

  11. Isla Barrett-McHugh Reply

    I have loved being back at school.So it will be sad to go away from school again,but there is lots of fun activitys to do and I’m doing lots of things aswell.Are you happy to have a week off school.

  12. Sammy Salter Reply

    I have enjoyed douing lots and lots of maths I
    also enjoyed scnce it is my favrote and I can not
    waite intill after half term to do more!I also
    want to do more art and english even french.

  13. Lucia Reply

    This half term I have enjoyed english because I love perswasive writiting,Ilike maths because sometimes it can be quite chalinging.

    Do you like maths? Well I do.

  14. Onett Perera Reply

    I really liked all the awesome lessons I especilly liked science, maths also guided reading, french and art as well. I also like all of the lessons that we do in school. My most favorite is probaly science and maths. I hope we get lots of golden time in school, we got about 20 minitues of golden time this term!

  15. Lucy Reply

    I have enjoyed doing netball with mr Mastrelli and football with Mr longsdale. it has been the best half tearm in the world.Mr Mastrelli is the best teacher in the school. This class has been the best class i have been in. All the time we do great lessons like number line and in litrecy debating for school uniforms.In the class we allways get to do more longer lessons than in class 6 which is great because i love doing fum lessons in mr mastrelli class.In this class i have never not liked the lessons because well how could you not like them. mr mastrelli is the best teacher in the world.No could beet mr Mastrelli because its impossible.

  16. Mr Little (Class 5 linked Governor) Reply

    I especially enjoyed meeting most of you last Thursday morning. I hope you had a good football lesson and that I didn’t hold things up too much.

    I am looking forward to Monday morning and coming to the theatre with you all. Lets hope the weather is good for the walk there and back.

  17. Lewkas Reply

    Everything’s been great,especially the art with Miss Slater and science with you,Mr Mastrelli!

  18. Sophie Reply

    I am soooooooooooooooo happy that I have got a place in the table tennis club, I’m so excited.

  19. Sophie Reply

    I love my new Email it’s soo exciting!!!!

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