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Adiós y buena suerte Naia!

Unfortunately tomorrow is Naia’s last day in Class 5 and at Park Grove School!

It is has been a delight having you in our class Naia. Please keep in touch through this blog and let us know how you are getting on in your new school.

Adiós y buena suerte Naia!


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  1. Betsy Reply

    I’ll miss you Naia I don’t want you to leave!

  2. sophie Reply

    I am really sad that you are leaving this school Naia.
    I hope that you will make some more friends.

  3. Sophia Reply

    Yes, It is sad to let Naia go.It has been lovely having Naia in class 5.It is like having to let your favourite flower die.We will miss you lots.Good luck with your new school Naia!

    From Sophia:)

    • Sophia Reply


  4. Shannon Reply

    I will miss you wen you go allso your the kind and healpful i don’t want you to go

  5. Joe Reply

    I have enjoyed having Naia I DONT wont her to leve

  6. Naia Reply

    Hola amigo that means:Hello friend.
    I’m so sad because I don’t want to go from the school.
    I will miss you so much to everybody dat I want to
    cry.I will miss allot Mr Mastrelli because is the best
    techer ever.

    • Sophia Reply

      Yes he is i agree!

  7. Mollie Reply

    By,by Naia! I hope your new school is just as nice as this school,Park Grove. You were a great friend and I enjoyed having you here. Why did you have to go?

  8. Helen Reply

    I am really sad you are leaving i will miss you lots naia. You were one of the the best class members ever. I really enjoyed meeting you. If you want to leave your other school come back hear. Best of luck and gooodbye!

  9. Manon Reply

    Bye Naia, I hope we see you again soon because you are my best friend, I hope you’ve had fun at are absolutely, friendly school. See you soon
    Love from

  10. Lucas Zareba - Wynne Reply

    Dear Naia I am going to mis you alot but I hope have you had a good time at York and in class5.

  11. Lucy Reply

    i am devistated you are leaving school , you where a lovely member of class5.All the time when i saw you,you had a smile on your face.I wish i played with you at play time the way i love your curly hair.i hpe you get some great friends at your new school.They will be very nice to you i hope. Ive never seen you with a frown on your face and i hope i will not. hopefully i will meet up with you again.If you dont like your school you can always come back hear. yor friends at this school will always remember you and i will to. I Hope you will enjoy your new schooland get loads of friends.yours sencerely
    Lucy Noble

  12. Freddie Reply

    I wish you could stay I have enjiod talking to you I will miss you and you are kind and we never wanted you to leave.

  13. Stanley Reply

    Hi Naia I am ever so sad that you are laving park grove primary school.I hope you have a good time at our new school. By Niai

  14. Isla Barrett-McHugh Reply

    BYE NAIA!!!!I will miss you because you have only been here for two week’s,and has been a great member of class 5. Thankyou so much for everything you have always got a smile on your face i’m going to miss you bye:(

  15. Logan Reply

    BYE NAIA i will miss you i hope you will blog!!!!!!! love logan

  16. Sammy Salter Reply

    Dear Naia,

    why are you leaving so soon? We have enjoyed you
    coming to this class we hope you have a good time
    in your new school!Have a nice time hope to se you soon…

    From sammy salter.

  17. Millie Hughes Reply

    Bye Naia, I’ts like we have just said hello, you have only been at Park Grove for three weeks and I wish we could of made better friends. Why do you have to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will you still look at our blog?

  18. Onett Perera Reply

    We have enjoyed you coming to this school and we wish you could stay for longer. Hope you like your new school and hope you liked park grove school as well (this one).

    Hope you visit us!

  19. Ella Reply

    Naia I will miss you. I don’t want you to go. I’ll give you a quiz but you and me.1.what is your favroite colure 2. what is your favroite animal 3. how old are you. Wen your at your new school can you tell .Do replie will you Naia. I shall miss you. Will you come to the school disco on the 8th of november.bye bye Naia 🙂

  20. Charlie Reply

    Naia i will miss you alot because you were teaching me alot of spanish.!!

  21. Elle Rigby Reply

    Dear Naia its been lovely to have you at are school. I will miss you but I will also remember you as an amazing class member.Your the BEST! From Elle!

  22. Naia Reply

    Thankyou everybody when I was reading I nearly cried.
    Oh yes Lucas I’m not going from York I’m just going to a different school in York.

    • Naia Reply

      Wen I was readingit I nearly cried

  23. Naia Reply

    Sammy I’m going because my house is really really far from here
    and I have to come in a bus to school.

  24. Millie Hughes Reply

    I will miss you Naia and I hope I will see you in town.

  25. Reuben Reply

    I do not wont you to leeve

  26. Minnie Cotton Reply

    Dear Naia it’s making me crie bcause your leeving me!your one of my best friends!LOVE MINNIE

    i AM CRING NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ella Reply

    Naia will you go to the school disco on the 8th of november your still aloud.

  28. Isla Barrett-McHugh Reply


  29. Naia Reply

    🙂 🙁

  30. Naia Reply

    Hello, yristeday I wen`t to knevsmier to the pamking fesival I ded some friends all ready
    and I know 3 people from my class because they are my kneivers

    • Isla Reply

      hi naia missing you i think you were a great member of the class hope you enjoy your new school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙁

  31. Isla Reply

    🙂 🙁

  32. Lucas Reply

    * I don’t want you to leave park grove*

  33. Naia Reply

    I know no-One wants me to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( But I have to

  34. Betsy Reply

    Why do you have to leave?

    I hope you remember our class

    I want you to ssssssttttttttaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Naia Reply

    I´m leaving because my house is ready far away from the school and I ´m very sad. 🙁 !

  36. Lewkas Reply

    It won’t be the same with out you,Naia!bye

  37. Naia Reply


  38. Mollie Reply

    By Niai and I hope you enjoy your new school.Remember when I saw you outside the sweety shop?

  39. Millie Reply

    🙁 still have not seen you. 🙁

  40. Millie Reply

    is your new school as good as this one? :0

  41. Minnie cotton Reply

    To Naia this night I nearly cried because I rememberd that you left. anyway how is your new school because my new class is great.

    I MIS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Naia Remon Reply

    Hello my class in knavesmire is great but I´m not sure what class is best :(.

    Last week we went to YO! SUSHI I didn´t like the food but I enjoyed it a lot.
    And the other day we went to the Theatre Royal to see how they work.

  43. Naia Remon Reply

    Oh and tell Mr Mastrelli to write in the blog!
    Mr Mastrelli Mr Cooper know´s you

  44. Mr Mastrelli Reply

    Hola Naia. I’m so glad you are enjoying your new class and school. We also went to the Theatre Royal a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t it fabulous?!

    Yes I know Mr Cooper. Your new school beat us 2-0 in Football at the start of the season!

  45. Naia Remon Reply

    Yes it is fabulous ! I like my new teacher, but i prever you!

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