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End of Year…

We are approaching the end of the summer term so what have been the highlights of your year in Class 8?

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  1. mae Reply

    i think the sponsored bounce was definitely one of my highlights.

  2. dominic Reply

    maths 🙂

  3. Joseph Reply

    The class assembly

  4. Jacob Reply

    I have enjoyed all of the maths and PE lessons.

  5. Zuzanna Reply

    I enjoyed all the PE lessons.

  6. Katy Reply

    I have really enjoyed the enrichment days learning about many things!:)

  7. olivia Reply

    When we did the murder problems, instead of counting in numbers I did the alphabet it was so funny!

  8. luke Reply

    The archives trip,sports day and the play(Pirates of the Curry Bean).

  9. Tom.C Reply

    the highlights of this year for me were getting into the football team and the cricket team also getting into the quiz team.

  10. lucas Reply

    doing homework

  11. Jake Reply

    having the best teacher (Mr G mastrelli)

  12. William Reply

    Ice cream party when it comes and all of our enrichment days.

  13. Alex Reply

    Some of my highlights are:
    When Oleg, Jacob, Tomas and William let me play football with them on my first week.
    Next when it was still the first week of the year I was in the good work for next week when I found out I was amazed!

  14. ade Reply

    I think the sponsored bounce and all the trips.

  15. Tomas Reply

    One of the highlights of this year was when the year sixes went to High Adventure!

  16. Holly Reply

    Although I’m leaving at the end of the year, I have enjoyed a lot. I always had lot’s of fun in all of the lessons, I was flabbergasted when the year sixes went to high adventure, I was awed with the class assembly and am hoping to enjoy Pirates of the Curry Bean, the spectacular Year 5 and 6 play! There have been lot’s of exhilarating times and amazing accomplishments and always plenty of sunshine.

  17. Ava Reply

    class assembly!

  18. Layla Reply

    🙂 My favorite event was the sponsored bounce 🙂

  19. gaurie Reply

    Mine is probably the ice-cream on the ARCHIVES VISIT!

  20. Jaimie Reply

    A highlight for me was learning all about the dinosaurs and writing about my fictional dinosaur.

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