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End of Term…

Tomorrow starts the last week of your first term in Class 5.

What have you enjoyed about Class 5 this term? Do you have a favourite memory?!

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  1. Owen Reply

    Mr.Mastrelli, I love all of your maths lessons. I also really liked Shakespeare enrichment day a lot!!!

  2. Millie Reply

    I enjoyed in this term 3D shapes because it was fun

  3. lucy Reply

    my favorite thing that i did this term was doing great maths with Mr. Mastrelli.we always do Maths because it is Mr. Mastrelli favorite subject in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Charlie Driscoll Reply

    I liked all the maths but i know it will get tricky 🙂

    Science is great Mr Mastrelli 🙂

  5. Joe A Reply

    I have enjoid the first term in class5 becuase the maths was extreemley fun.

  6. Shannon Reply

    This term I have enjoyed time table test and I loved doing division it was fun.

  7. Charlie Driscoll Reply

    I hope maths get tricky 🙂

  8. Harry Reply

    I have really enjoyed being in Class 5 and the
    best thing in Class 5 is P.E because Mr Mastrelli
    is the best at P.E.

  9. Chelsea Reply

    I have enjoyed all of it!!!! My favourite thing that we did is countdown because there are some hard sums.Also my best memory is when we did science.

  10. Helen Reply

    I really enjoyed this term,one of the best things was maths like when we did division on a number line.My other favorite thing was the Tudor topic we have done.It was the best term ever!

  11. Logan Reply

    I love maths on a number line with mr mastrelli he is the best taecher

  12. ben Reply

    My fravrut leson of the term is brobly pe with mr mastrili

  13. LucasZareba-Wynne Reply

    I’ve enjoyd Mr.Mastrelli teaching us maths & scratch because It’s intresting.

  14. M@ni Reply

    I’ve enjoyed all the awesome maths especially countdown and the times table challenge I always practice and I like getting gold or blue stars.

    I don’t have a favorite moment because I love every second of class 5 it’s the best class in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ella Reply

    I enjoyed nearly everything but the one thing which really stood out was our first day in class 5 and I really liked English adventure stories we did.

  16. sophia s Reply

    I have realy enjoyed English!! My favourite genre was the play script genre! I liked it when we wrote up the play script Much ado about nothing!

  17. Elle Rigby Reply

    This term I enjoyed lots of lessons but my favourite lesson was…when we got to touch a LAMBS HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lewkas Holt Reply

    I really enjoyed everything in class 5 this term!!!!!!

  19. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I’ve enjoyed a lot in class 5 but theres a few things that I’ve enjoyed the most much ado about nothing play script that we wrote and I liked today learning about the heart and the lungs because it was interesting.

  20. Millie Reply

    But I loved everything!

  21. isla Reply


  22. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I enjoyed one science lesson when we got to colour in the different teeth like cainines,molars,insisors and pre-molars.
    I also liked the different projects you gave us;it was really fun when we put everything together.

  23. harvey Reply

    i loved times tabes

  24. Freddie Reply

    I have learnt allot this term I do not want to go… I want to stay I want to learn more before we leave I want to learn 10 more things about History I want to own a chocolate.

  25. chelsea and Harry Reply

    I’m sad because I (don’t) want to leave him but loved Mr.Mastrelli teaching us (MATHS)!!!!!!!!

  26. Betsy Reply

    I enjoyed writing playscripts and learning about William Shakespeare because at first I didn’t know much about him!!

  27. sophia and lucia Reply

    My best memory was when it was the first day in class 5 and we all had our first maths lesson and that was my favourite memory of class 5 in 2013.Lucia<3

  28. Reuben Reply

    I enjoyed all of the problem solving this term!!!!!!!!

  29. Joe Reply

    Well for a starter I have enjoyed…
    Maths,English,Science,R.E,P.E,the Enchantment day and much more!

    My favorite memory is on the Shakespeare enrichment day when Ben.B nearly fell off the stage!

  30. Mollie Reply

    I ENJOYED EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Stanley Reply

    I enjoyed… Maths,English,science,P.E,R.E and trips.

    My favourite subject is MATHS!

  32. Logan Reply

    i love english ones we wrote a story but I liked maths better

  33. Sophie Reply

    I enjoyed Maths and English the most but I liked the other subjects as well as them. My favourite memory was when we wrote the instructions for how to draw a snowman with Mr.Mastrelli! Class 5 is the best!

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