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Enrichment day!

I hope all our children are feeling enriched after a fun day “getting to know” each other yesterday.

All term we have been thinking, talking, and learning about ourselves and our families so its great everyone had a chance to form their own family here at Park Grove (I often see Park Grove as a family already!) and move around between other classes. Spending time with children, in class rooms and with teachers they otherwise wouldn’t have ‘met’. How awesome to make new friends and get together with older children!!! Some of the children were super excited to tell me what they had been doing and this tells me that you really enjoyed yourself and learned lots. In class 1 we had circle time and made a flag representing things about us. And in class 2 we learned more about what makes us unique, such as eye colour and hair colour. Well done to everyone for moving around each class so well and for making it a very enriched day!

Our own Mrs Rathmell and Class 1 Mrs Stone have been working hard to put a display together to show off the day. Here, you will be able to see photos and the activities that the children did. It will be between both classes – it looks amazing (as always!) so you won’t be able to miss it.


Miss Sky

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  1. Mrs Rathmell Reply

    It was a lovely day Miss Sky. The children seemed to really enjoy it (I did too!.) The older children helped the younger ones follow instructions and in our class told them their eye colour if they were a bit unsure.
    Well done everyone for a brilliant day!
    Mrs Rathmell.

  2. class2 Reply

    Well done to everyone involved in enrichment day! It was fanstastic to work with all of the children in KS1, to see you helping each other and sharing your brilliant ideas. Miss Sky, Mrs Rathmell and Mrs Stone have been working very hard to make a display to show all that we have learnt during the day and across the whole term, so please come to class 1 and 2 to have a look!

  3. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Sound like you had a great time!

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