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An exciting find!

Class 2 - 28.04.14 006

We are very excited to announce the discovery of a gigantic, turquoise, oval-shaped egg in the wildlife area. Mr Stoner came to tell us about some large footprints (with 3 claws) he had found in the area, but when we got there, we found the egg as well! Mr Stoner was also certain that he’d found some scorch marks on the roof of the school building.

As the egg was left on its own, with no mummy or daddy to sit on it and keep it warm, we decided that the only thing we could do was carry it carefully back to our classroom and look after it ourselves. We have kept it in the stock cupboard, wrapped in blankets, where it can remain dark and warm. In English today we wrote reports all about our discovery.

What animal could it possibly belong to?

Class 2 - 28.04.14 013

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  1. Ms Lamb Reply

    Dear class 2, I felt I must write to tell you that we made a very similar discovery after yours.
    How very strange!
    We have found an egg too. The children made lots of good suggestions of what creature may have left it and how it happened to be there. A chicken, a toucan, an eagle, a turtle, a dinosaur or a dragon…..!
    What next?

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