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MyMaths reminder…


Who has done the MyMaths homework this week? Remember you have until Friday 2nd May to complete it…

I have also set up some revision activities on MyMaths for you to have a go at over the bank holiday weekend to help  prepare you for your tests next week. What do you think you need to practise before then?

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  1. Sophie Reply


  2. Manon Reply

    I have done the my maths but my dad helped me.I think you need to do at least one activity.

  3. Betsy Reply

    I have done my mymaths!

  4. Onett Reply

    I was going to do one of them ( the decimal activity ) but I did them all because I had more than 90 mins of totally free time.

  5. lewkas Reply

    It was so hard ,my Mum coulden’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ben Reply

    I hart maths woo 🙂

  7. Mani Reply

    I’ve done my maths its cool :}

  8. Scarlet Reply

    I promise I will do My Maths tonight because my mum is going to set it up for me.

  9. Sophia Reply


    I have done my mymaths and i am all up to date with everey thing
    but on the practice for the tests i only did one.

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