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Experimenting with air resistance…

As part of our science work on forces, in class 9 this afternoon we have learnt about air resistance and how Galileo’s theory stated that regardless of mass, objects will fall at the same speed. We even saw astronaut David Scott do this with a hammer and feather on the moon, as there was no air resistance against the feather!

To explore this further, in groups we developed our own experiment on the effects of air resistance on parachutes: we identified independent and dependant variables to help us formulate our scientific enquiry, and then identified the controlled variables to keep things a fair test. Then onto the fun: creating our own parachutes!

We can’t wait to test them next week…

Class 9 – what are you testing in your experiment? How are your parachutes designed? What is your prediction?

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  1. Ellen Reply

    We designed our parachutes so that we changed the material we used each time

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