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Explorer Homework Projects

Yesterday in class 5 we shared our homework projects. I was so impressed with the quality, time and effort you had put into these projects and I found out lots of new information about a range of explorers. A fantastic effort by class 5, I look forward to your next homework projects!

Miss Clayton

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    I’m glad to hear the projects in Class 5 are so impressive. Well done everyone.

  2. Elliot Reply

    I really enjoyed the project everyone preduced and I cant wait till the next project in class!

  3. henry Reply

    I loved the projects and can’t wait for the next one it’s going to be great with all the boys doing a song together

  4. Ben Reply

    I liked the homework lesson and I cant in till it happens again!

  5. isobel Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the explorer homework
    even I learnt something new

  6. ruby Reply

    I’m really exited to do my next project and I know I will do them all

  7. Dylan and Poppy Reply

    we enjoid the homework

  8. olive Reply

    I enjoyed the explorer homework and I learnt new facts about some different explors from olive

  9. Ellissia Reply

    i really enjoyed the explores homework . I did about Edmund Hillary . It was very fun.

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