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Fantastic Performances!

Well done, we are so proud of you all.

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  1. class2 Reply

    It was a brilliant performance this morning, Year 5 and 6. We loved it, and I’m sure your families will too!
    Mr Baines

  2. lewkas holt Reply

    I loved your performance year sixes!!!!!!!

  3. Mollie Reply

    I really liked the play.It was very good.

  4. Lucas Reply

    I LOVED it and thank you to Miss Steel Mrs Cambell and Mr Currie.

  5. Ella Reply

    It was awesome!!!:)

  6. reuben Reply

    That was brilliant. Thank you for a brilliant performance. Well done Mr curie, Ms Campel, and Miss Steal.

  7. Chelsea, Class 5 Reply

    I really enjoyed it year 5 and 6.It was out standing!!! Well done 😉

  8. Onett Perera Reply

    The play was totally brilliant !!! My favorite song was
    the Hot shot team. I had no favorite part as all of it
    was interesting…

  9. Sophie Reply

    I loved the performance. Well done year 5 and 6!!

  10. sara-class5. Reply

    that was a realy good play and all of your voises were so loud.
    I realy enjoed the songs.
    robin hood and his frinds were so brave.

  11. stan Reply

    Well Done year 5/6. the play was marvelous I’m sure your parents will love it


  12. Betsy Leach Reply

    well done I loved the performance.

  13. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I loved the play WELLDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Manon Reply

    yeah,I couldn’t belive you actually performed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. lucy Reply

    I thought the play(theater performance)was amazing. My favorite song was For ever friends.Well done to Miss Campbell,Mr currie and Mrs Steel!

  16. mae Reply

    it was really fun

  17. George Reply

    The show was very fun to do. Thank you to the teachers who made the show possible.

  18. Moya Reply

    Well done guys!

  19. isabella Reply

    I loved it,it was so fun singing on my own was a bit nerve racking but still I enjoyed it!

  20. Archie Reply

    Thanks for all your kind replies!! We enjoyed performing it as well!!

  21. Bethan Reply

    It was SO fun doing it!

  22. robert Reply

    I didn’t know that singing and dancing was that tiring,it looks so easy on the TV.

  23. Jasmine Reply

    wow i got so tired from the performance it felt like i said my lines 1000 times. 😉

  24. libby Reply

    well done everyone

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