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Farewell Sam!

Sam, you have been a fantastic member of Class 8 and we will all miss you…

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  1. Lydia Reply

    Yeah, I hope you have a great time and good luck!:) 🙂 😉 😉

  2. amy Reply

    Good luck and hope you have good times there! So farewell Sam, bye OH AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!

  3. Bethan (school council) Reply

    good luck sam!

  4. Toby Reply

    Good Luck!!

    P.S.-Look out for the tarantulas!!!!!!

  5. Amy Reply

    are you having a nice time there because I’m freezing here bye I’m missing you all ready:( 🙁 🙁

  6. Caleb says: Reply

    Good luck Sam

  7. Ellie Reply

    Good luck Sam!

  8. oliver Reply

    bye!!!!hope you have fun…

  9. Morgan Reply

    Bye Sam I hope you don’t burn yourself.

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