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Fireworks Poetry

We have some amazing poets in Class 7 who showed off their writing and performance skills in our Key Stage 2 assembly this week.  How did you describe fireworks in your poem?

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  1. mani : ) Reply

    I really liked reading my poem 😀 🙂 😛

  2. Ben Be Reply

    I really liked the firework poems because they were so creative!

  3. ben bran Reply

    i really enjoyed listning to other peoples peoms

  4. Sara Reply

    I enjoyed listening to all the fireworks poets .
    Even I didn’t do one the students that have written one described fireworks in a really good way.C

  5. Oscar (school council) :) Reply

    They fizz, bang, whizz and pop, their sparks swiftly flowing like a waterfall. They’re ruby red, sparkling gold emerald green and sapphire blue. Rockets shoot and Catherine wheels spin. 🙂 😀 😛

  6. Kian Reply

    Up ahead you lerk,
    You fly so high,
    Trying to reach the sky,

  7. louie Reply

    I really liked the firework poems because i is so fun and creative.Here is one of my lines:Fingers go numb , follow my mum.

  8. Masha Reply

    I put crash and whoosh and bang.

  9. Lewkas Reply

    I did mine as a shape poem.

  10. Miss Bird Reply

    For some reason I can post a comment without needing a Captcha code…very strange, I shall investigate!

  11. Chelsea Reply

    I thought other people’s were great and I liked the rythem on some of them.

  12. Lewkas Reply

    I loved them all.BOOM!!!!!!

  13. lucy and helen Reply

    Rushing,reaching its apogee,
    keeping the best to last the end is nigh.
    flickering fireworks crackling at night,
    In the dark flashing streaks set light.

    • Jade Reply

      that is a lovly comment

  14. Betsy Reply

    here are the first 3 lines of my poem:

    I could smell the bitter smoke,

    There was a wiff of a hot dog smell,

    I had to much candy floss I did not feel well!

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