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Communities and Diwali

We’ve been thinking about what it means to be members of a group or community recently and have also been researching Diwali.  What aspects of our R.E. lessons have you particularly enjoyed?

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  1. louie Reply

    I liked it when we listened to Mrs Wijeratne talk about Diwali and we did our pages on Diwali.

  2. Kian Reply

    I enjoyed it when we watched Devi and Gaurie dancing.

  3. Millie Reply

    I especially enjoyed it when we watched the Diwai clip.

  4. Mollie (school council) Reply

    I enjoyed listening to Mrs Wijeratne when she talked about how she celebrated Diwali.

  5. Betsy Reply

    I liked writing about the communities that we are in

  6. Sara Reply

    The best thing was when Mrs Wijeratne told us about diwali.

  7. Lewkas Reply

    The Rangoli patterns diffenetly

  8. Millie Reply

    I also enjoyed it when Mrs Wijeratne told us all about Dwali

  9. Ben Be Reply

    I liked the lesson. I liked it when Mrs. Wijeratne told us about it.

  10. Oscar (school council) :) Reply

    I’ve learnt a lot about Diwali especially from Mrs Wijeratne and Devenara and I enjoyed the symbols for the flute, the Lotus flower, those symbols and the Rangoli patterns were fun as well. 🙂 😀 😛

  11. Jade Reply

    diwali is epic i love hearing about india because my frend lives there called lia

  12. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed coloring the rangoli patterns.:D

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