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This week you all took part in a carousel of different fitness activities in P.E. Which activities did you enjoy? What would you like to improve on next week?

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  1. Jacob Reply

    I want to improve skipping!

  2. Oleg Reply

    I enjoyed skipping but next time I would like to get 100.

  3. Layla Reply

    I enjoyed doing the step-up, I’d like to improve on speed bounce 😀

  4. Tomas Reply

    it would be grate if we could have a race!

  5. Holly Reply

    I enjoyed participating in the hula hoop and skipping activities in P.E.

  6. jake Reply

    I enjoyed speed bounce and i would like to improve on skipping

  7. Joseph Reply

    I like doing the skipping and I got 86 or 84 but I had a stitch which meant I didn’t do as many as possible, yet I still got quite a few 🙂

  8. Gaurie Reply

    I enjoyed the throwing and catching with Mr Mastrelli :)but I would have loved improved on my sit -ups:O.I love doing fittness anyway :D.

  9. Zuzanna Reply

    I enjoyed the skipping ropes but I need to improve on my speed bounce.

  10. Molly Reply

    when we did sit-ups i did 51 and at home i tryed for 1min and i got 81 so i would like to get up to that again.

  11. William Reply

    Personally I really enjoyed the speed bounce and sit ups! Next time I would like to improve on skipping.

  12. Jaimie Reply

    I would like to improve my skipping this week and I would also like to pick up the pace with my throwing. I would also be very pleased if I could keep my feet together on the speed bounce. I think my best score last week was the star jumps but I also think I was quite good at the sit-ups. I would like to get faster at the shuttle run as well and try to keep my balance on the step-ups.

  13. Klaudia Reply

    I REALLY enjoyed everything, but I would like to improve on sit ups.

  14. Ava Reply

    This week I would like to improve on step up.

  15. Ade Reply

    the most activity that I enjoyed was the speed jumps.

  16. mae Reply

    i really liked speed bounce, but i’d like to improve on the catching activity.

  17. Alexander Reply

    my best was star jumps with a total of 88 my one with the least amount was the one when you run bac and forward 🙂

  18. dominic Reply

    I could improve on speed bounce

  19. libby Reply

    I liked the bean bag activity and the hoop one. I would like to improve on the speed bounce and quick step 🙂

  20. Katy Reply

    My favorite activity was the skipping as I like to bounce around a lot.I would like improve my shuttle running as I only got 27 on that one and my legs got tired very quickly.

  21. khai Reply

    im really good at running so i was excellent at all those activity (: 🙂

  22. Klaudia Reply

    My favourite was skipping and I want to improve on sit ups 🙂

  23. Holly Reply

    I’m really good at skipping and star jumps.

  24. dominic Reply

    i need to get better at skipping i only got 56

  25. tom Reply

    I would like to improve sit-ups

  26. libby Reply

    I would like to improve on speed up

  27. Molly Reply

    i would like tot improve on step up

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