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Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

We started our new topic on Vikings and Anglo-Saxons today and thought about what we already knew and what questions we’d like to find out the answers to.  What are the questions you’d like to research this term?

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  1. Holly Reply

    I would love to find out if the Vikings/Anglo-Saxons educated female children. Also, I want to find out what sort of armor the Vikings/Anglo-Saxons wore in battle.

  2. Tomas Reply

    one of my questions is: what did they do when a family got angry with each other?

    • khai Reply

      me too

  3. Jacob Reply

    Did many vikings survive illness?

  4. Tom.C Reply

    Who were the first viking and Anglo-Saxon Kings?

  5. Ava Reply

    I would like to know if the Vikings actually wore helmets with horns on.

  6. Joseph Reply

    I wanted to know when the Vikings/ Anglo Saxons were around and also where they came from.

  7. Zuzanna Reply

    Why did the Vikings wear helmets?

  8. dominic Reply

    why did the vikings wear helmets

  9. libby Reply

    mine would be:what would normally be the house hold chores be? what is they daily routine?

  10. Molly Reply

    i’m not grate at them but i want to find out i found out a thew things but not all of them

  11. Layla Reply

    My question was what animals were around

  12. Jaimie Reply

    I would really like to know why the dragons were symbolic to the vikings and also why they had strange names like Oaf and Fat-thighs. I do not know as much about the Anglo-Saxons so I would like to fill my brain with knowledge from that part of the topic, too.

  13. William Reply

    My question was “who was the Anglo-Saxons leader.

  14. khai Reply

    im liking this new topic its very fun so far and im glad that i know about the anglo saxsons

  15. Gaurie Reply

    1. Who was the bravest warrior in all of the viking clans (I think that’s what you call them)?

    2. What weapons did the Anglo- Saxons use?

  16. lucas Reply

    what did the Anglo-saxons do for a living.

  17. mae Reply

    what did the Anglo-Saxons wear?

  18. Ade Reply

    why did the vikings stop?

  19. Abby Reply

    why did the vikings come to England? it might have been answered all ready but i was not there for half of the first lesson!!

  20. Alexander Reply

    I learnt why there called Anglo-Saxons is the two main groups were called Angles and the saxons i also learnt the food and homes

  21. Katy Reply

    My question about the vikings is ‘why do the vikings travel in long boats?’and about the Saxons I would like to find out everything.

  22. tom Reply

    What type of weapons did they use in combat.

  23. Klaudia Reply

    Why did they invade britain ? Where they came from ?

  24. Olivia Reply

    My question is:

    Why were the Vikings named the Vikings in the first place?

  25. khai Reply

    i’m happy that i’ve learnt about the Anglo Saxons and vikings

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