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We had a super time yesterday. We made little garlands or ‘Autumn wands’ with the twigs and leaves we found in the Wildlife Area. We didn’t see any squirrels or frogs this time but we did look very carefully as we went about our business. It was a beautiful afternoon, damp but bright and crisp and we all had suitable clothes so we really enjoyed our time outside.
Thanks for a lovely time! Ms Lamb

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Did you have class one and two Ms Lamb? Well done you!

  2. Ms Lamb Reply

    All the Reception children were outside in the Wildlife Area and the outdoor classroom. Mrs Stone and Mrs Rathmell were doing ‘mud painting’. Great fun I believe! It was a very busy afternoon. I know Mrs Horner has some lovely things planned for the next couple of ‘Forest School’ sessions so I’m really looking forward to some more time outdoors. Ms Lamb

  3. Miss Sawyer Reply

    We are so lucky to have the outdoor area!

  4. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Wow sounds like you had an awesome time!

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