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What a fortnight class 1!!!!

Hello Everyone!


WOW!….where to start?! Firstly, we’re back (we were never gone really though!) ;-). We have been quiet but still mighty. Class 1, have been working so hard,  many new and exciting things have been happening.

We have been putting lots of energy into our learning and growing… and hope to bring you lots of great blogs once more.

Heres are some examples of what is making class 1 so proud of ourselves and eachother….

We have really gotten stuck into being superheros and talking about what makes us special (because you are all super – heros!), magnetic forces, super healthy foods, making capes..

We have been learning to use positional lanaguage by playing and following instructions with our own Superhero Mission and Mrs Sheltons sewing/Art sessions…

We continue to learn about and explore the outside world during Forest schools and there are pictures of this in our Learning Journeys…

Our knowledge and understanding of 2D and 3D shapes is growing and their have been some amazing constructions and models being made by our budding future architects!

Whenever we get the chance, we just love getting outside into the outdoor classroom and this week we have been doing lots of creative things, such as leaf threading and mud painting…yes…we make the most of all the natural materials…

We are joining forces with the rest of reception in class 2 and Key Stage 1 at the moment and practising hard for our Christmas songs…we’re aiming to perform even better than at The Harvest Festival last month (if thats even possible?!!).

So, we’ve been loving learning, having fun and working hard!!!!

Class 1







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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    What a fantastic blog!!!

    • class1 Reply

      Thank you!

  2. class4 Reply

    It’s been great seeing the enthusiasm for the super heroes theme- great capes and masks being modeled by the children!

  3. Bethan (school council) Reply

    You have done well writing all of that it took ages just reading that let alone writing it!

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