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Fractions Week 1…

This week we have learnt about equivalent fractions as well as comparing and ordering fractions by finding a common denominator. How confident are you feeling with fractions so far?

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    I’ve seen some really great fractions work in your books – well done!

  2. ben bran Reply

    I feel good but not great with fractions I like simplifying but not subtracting fractions

  3. Aruma Reply

    I’m feeling very confident!:) 🙂

  4. Alexander Savkovic Reply

    I feel extremely confident while doing fractions and am starting to learn loads more than I thought I was going to learn. 😀

  5. leah Reply

    I feel very confident on fractions!

  6. Chelsea Reply

    I am feeling very confident with ordering and comparing fractions by finding a common denominator.

  7. Kian Reply

    I am feeling quite confident with equivalent fractions.:)

  8. Stanley Reply

    It was tricky at first but it got easier as we learnt how to do it.

  9. Joe Reply

    At the start I didn’t feel confident, but now I find comparing and ordering fractions a lot easier.

  10. Kyle Reply

    I feel confident with equivalent fractions and not as much as comparing them but I did learn something from that lesson.

  11. Travis Reply

    I’m feeling okay with them but I’m not fully confident.

  12. Osc@r Reply

    I am really enjoying fractions, especially finding equivalent fractions. 😀 🙂

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