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Gift Vouchers Galore

Thank you to everyone who supported and donated to our secret cake stall this week.

We raised lots of money and have purchased £100 in Love to Shop vouchers for Miss Sawyer. Hopefully she can teach baby Lucy the joys of retail therapy.

Thank you once again to Siona Mackleworth and Mark Allison for their commitment over the years as PTA Co-Chair (Siona) and Treasurer (Mark). They both joined the committee in 2013 to ensure the PTA continued and didn’t fold – and all of their hard work has certainly paid off.

Siona has continued to support the PTA once she passed the ‘Co-Chair Baton’ last year and fortunately has another year left. Mark will be greatly missed and we hope his daughter has a smooth transition to secondary school.

We raised enough to buy them both a £35 voucher each as a thank you gift.

Best wishes

Janet Jacobi (PTA Co-Chair).

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