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We had a fantastic Design and Technology afternoon yesterday. We researched different types of shelter, looked at the materials they were made from and discussed their purposes.

Then we had a go at some practical reinforcing and joining tasks. What practical project did your group work on, what skills did you use and how successful were you?

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  1. Elllie Reply

    We used lolly pop sticks and over lapped them to make it stronger.

  2. devi Reply

    we used lolly pop sticks and blue tack. we made loads of pyramids and stuck them together.

  3. indie Reply

    I was on the sewing table It was quite hard to sew them.

  4. Martha Reply

    We used the pipe cleaners and we had to twist lots of them together to make them strong enough! In the end our triangular based pyramid was pretty strong but we didn’t want to risk squashing it!

  5. Leila Reply

    Our group were sewing and we had to do the stitches really close most of us did it successfully.

  6. Max R Reply

    Our group had to a make a 3D shape out of pipe cleaners and to make it stronger we twisted them.

  7. eddie Reply

    We had to make a paper bridge that could take weight and strengthen it as much as possible. It went well.

  8. Huw Reply

    Our group made a kennel out of lollipop sticks which was fun

  9. piran Reply

    We had to sew a piece of wood to doweling.

  10. Lauren Reply

    We had to a bridge, as strong as we could only using: card, sellotape, masking tape and scissors. It was really fun as we all worked as a team on it. 🙂

  11. Ellie B Reply

    We cross braced lolly sticks to make ours stronger.

  12. Euan Reply

    Our group made a bridge out of paper to see how strong it was, and our’s was a bit wonky.

  13. Amira Reply

    Our group had to make a cube out of art straws (which are useless for making structures) and masking tape. We were very successful and team work was really important to be that!

  14. Ellie P Reply

    We had to attached felt to a wooden stick using a needle and thread. Some of our table didn’t get it straight away (including me) but we got there in the end.

  15. Alfie Reply

    We were trying to make the strongest cube possible out of art straws in the end it held 1 encyclopedia 6 dictonarys and a table tidy

  16. Katie Reply

    We used pipe cleaners to make a triangular based pyramid.

  17. Lydia Reply

    My group – although we haven’t finished it yet – are making a dog kennel using: lollipop sticks, blue tack, glue, paper and masking tape( when we found it ). We used a skill called ‘cross brace’ which crossed over our shape and reinforced it. I really enjoyed the afternoon; it was really fun! 🙂

  18. Morgan Reply

    I finally got the hang of sewing. D.T is the best

  19. Toby Reply

    We made a few lollipop stick pyramids with the help of blutac and stuck them in a giant circle to form a UFO style shelter. We found out that it can hold a really thick book and a tray!

  20. Caleb Reply

    Our group had to make a strong 3D structure out of pipe cleaners and we made a triangular-based pyramid

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