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Glorious Sunshine!

Hi Class 6! I hope you are all out and about enjoying the glorious end-of-September sunshine! I went to a wedding yesterday and the bride looked beautiful in the sunlight. I asked you what your favourite weather was on Friday during the register. Can you remind me of what type of weather you like and why? – Miss Land


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  1. Alexander Reply

    My favourite weather is sunshine because it is relaxing and good for swimming.

    My homework will be finished on Thursday or Friday (tudors).

  2. Oscar Hamilton Reply

    I like ….. sunny ,snowy and thundery.

    • Alexander.S Reply

      I thought your powerpoint was brilliant I have been inspired.

  3. class4 Reply

    I like sunshine but also a good old thunderstorm (as long as I’m indoors!)

    Mrs Hearson

    • class6 Reply

      Good fun to watch!

    • Alexander.S Reply

      I love thunderstorms there great.

  4. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I like the sun!!! I like relaxing with a good book in the glorious sunshine!

    • class6 Reply

      Roll on next summer…!

  5. Madame Steunou Reply

    I cannot stand drizzle.If it is going to rain, then a proper, short and refreshing down[pour it should be.
    But really, give me sunshine, any day.

    • class6 Reply


  6. Travis Reply

    I like sun but only if its not too hot.

  7. Travis Reply

    How do you do faces?

    • class6 Reply

      : and ) 🙂

  8. Travis Reply


  9. Manon Reply

    I like cloudy weather because it is warm and cold!

  10. Manon Reply


  11. annabelle pug Reply

    from the future 2015 annabelle

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