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Good Reads!

Which books would you suggest we buy for Christmas presents?

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  1. Moya Reply

    I really think you should get ‘The Knife Of Never Letting Go’ series! They are fantabulous books because you really grow to love the characters! One thing- they are a bit gruesome and very emotional!I would say ages 11 and up!

  2. Nicole Reply

    ‘chronicles of ancient darkness’ series!!! it is very gripping and quite tense. I absolutely loved when I first read it.

  3. Nicole Reply

    ‘Warriors: dawn of the clans: the sun trail’ because it is the first one in a very good series about cats. You should read this one first because it is the start of everything that happens in later sub-series. You can really feel as though you are there 🙂

  4. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Queenie! Because it’s mixed emotions at some points its funny, at others its scary!

  5. Nicole Reply

    Watership Down because it is a really good book. It is very sad though. There are also really good quotes at the start of chapters.

  6. mae Reply

    I am David because its adventurous and exiting.

  7. Jasmine Reply

    I fink you should get the haunting of Tabitha Grey by Vanessa Curtice because it is scary,sad,mysterius my least favoret part is when Ben died.Thelanguage is a bit rude so i would say aged 10 upwards 😀

  8. Jacob Reply

    Lemony Snicket “When did you last see her?” I think you should read it because it is fun and exciting to read!

  9. molly Reply

    i would get Tom Gates because it is a very funny book and also popular

  10. Erin Reply

    I love Queenie too!!! I also love all of the Jacqueline Wilson books!

    • Bethan (school council) Reply

      I agree Erin I LOVE Jacqueline and all her fabulous books! Woo

  11. Archie Reply

    Blue exorcist and Naruto for the people who like good action stories!!

  12. Ava Reply

    I would recommend the tom gates series because it’s very funny and it is set out like a comic strip.

  13. Tomas Reply

    Tom gaateeeeeeeeeeeeees (:

  14. Sam Reply

    Ratburger by David Walliams is awesome!

  15. george Reply

    I think you should read the Harry Potter series because there loads of them and you will never lose intrest!

  16. Bethan (School councill) Reply

    I also agree with Tomas, Tom Gates is really, really, really good and really, really, really, funny! 🙂

  17. Robert M Reply

    The edge chronicles because they have you on the EDGE of your seat :]. Also the illustrations are fantastic . If you like the hobbit or lord of the rings you will like the edge

  18. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Maybe I Will Robert! I know Aisa is really into edge chronicles too!

  19. Jasmine Reply


  20. Bethan (school council) Reply

    At the moment I’m reading twilight! It’s really good so far!

  21. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I think The Hunger Games is really good!

  22. Skye Reply

    Diamond by jacqueline Wilson

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