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Governor’s Christmas Fair Stall Ideas!

Right Governors, thinking and creative caps on please!

We are taking a stall at the Christmas Fair this year and we need a theme or an idea for it. The stall will be manned by Governors and it has to be interactive, raise money and just be a good bit of fun!

Here are a few suggestions already floated this morning and they include… A ‘Pucket Challenge’ (there is that word ‘Challenge’ again!), ‘race the greyhound’ and wait for it…. ‘Hamster Roulette’, maybe your fist task governors, should you choose to accept it, is to play ‘match the ideas to a governor’!

Looking forward to many awe inspiring ideas!… PLEASE!!!!



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  1. Timo in The Dragons Den Reply

    Sorry I declare a pecuniary interest. I already have shares in a homemade jewellery stall being run by two ambitious KS2 young ladies. As one of the chief financiers of the stall I could not possibly go into competition with the Gov’s and especially not against “Jet Fury and the Governors”

    P.S Absolutely no way that Max & Fur ball will sell their gerbil souls for Hamster roulette

  2. Brian in the Dog House Reply

    Timo Timo Timo … the ‘declaration of interest’ I’m afraid is declared null and void on this agenda!

    But in the spirit of goodwill to all gerbils and hamsters (.. and what is the difference between a gerbil and hamster?) maybe we should stay away from Hamster roulette, though hamsters with antlers and red noses would be quite interesting, and there is a bit of comic value in the phrase ‘Governor’s Gerbils’.

    We have had another idea brought forward and it requires a steady hand… ‘Governor’s Baubles’! we get metallic pink, blue, silver and gold baubles and with a metallic pen write children’s name requests on them and sell them to raise money!

    Methinks that is a slightly better idea then the ‘Human Fruit Machine’

    Timo, you might have to put Max and Fur Ball into training!

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