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The great outdoors

Recently, our very own Mrs Stone made a fabulous display for our outdoor classroom (aren’t we super lucky to have this space?!). In previous weeks we have made stick men and some leaf rubbing that can now be seen on display.

Today, we used this area alongside class 2 reception to start learning about insects and create even more exciting things such as mud pies, and even Park Groves first ever campsite! Even more impressively some of our children named it “Park kids Grove” and made a wonderful poster.

Some children also enjoyed making sure their friends found the way by using chalks on paths and pictures to map out the way.


Wow!!! What a day outside. In the words of our magnificent Mrs Stone “We might not have a door, but we still explore!”


Miss Sky

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I completely agree!! If the parents haven’t seen the outdoor classroom yet, they should come in for a visit… It really is a fabulous space.

  2. Mrs Ramli and Ms Lamb Reply

    We agree, she’s magic! ‘Magic Mrs Stone’. Mrs Ramli and Ms Lamb

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