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Grid Multiplication

A new Maths topic today as we started to look at written multiplication methods.  What are your steps to success for grid multiplication?

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  1. Chelsea Reply

    I think my step to success is:

    1. Use a ruler
    2. double check
    3. make it big
    4. make it neat

  2. Betsy Reply

    my steps to success are to add up the numbers correctly at the end.

  3. Lewkas Reply


    use ruler

    put symbol

  4. ben bran Reply

    I’m really enjoying grid method

  5. Millie Reply

    1. Use a ruler

    2. Make sure the boxes are the size of four squares of your book

    3. Check your answer carefully!

  6. Oscar (school council) :) Reply

    Check your answer
    4 spaces for each box
    Add up the numbers correctly
    Use a pencil

  7. Sara Reply

    The grid method is really helping me with the multiplication so does the vertical multiplication.

  8. Kian Reply

    Grid method is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. class4 Reply

    It’s great to see the steps you came up with to bd successful at multiplying. Some very important ones! Great work class 7

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