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Ancient Egypt Research

Today we looked at answering questions about Ancient Egypt by searching on the internet carefully.

What must you do to search for information successfully on the internet?

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  1. olivia Reply

    well,if you have a question don’t type the full question in just type the key words, like if you had “Name three Ancient Egypt farm tools” you might search something like “Ancient Egypt farming tools”

  2. mae Reply

    only use specific terms and try not to make it really long.

  3. Tomas Reply

    Try not to put a question mark

  4. Jaimie Reply

    Here are 3 top tips to search successfully on the internet.

    1. Use key words instead of writing out the whole question e.g. instead of ‘Where is Egypt?’ you could write ‘Egypt location.’

    2. To get a more specific result, type ‘for children’ after the key words.

    3. Finally, it is best to not 100% rely on Wikipedia, and if you do, check on other websites to make sure it is accurate.

  5. Abby Reply

    well you must search for a number of different things to find the match !!

  6. oleg Reply

    Don’t research the actual question also use different sores es

  7. Layla Reply

    make your sentences short but make sure they make sense

  8. William Reply

    When searching you need to make sure its very precise and short meaning less important things wont come up!

  9. Klaudia Reply

    I did search something about pyramids and ancient Egypt diet.

  10. Molly Reply

    .Take words from the text/question.
    .Pick out of a selection of searches and see which one is the best.
    .don’t put the question in the search engine.

  11. lucas Reply

    you need to search something about ancient Egyptians but don’t make it to long

  12. ava Reply

    To find an answer to a question you have to put certain words in that relate to the question.

  13. Holly Reply

    There is a extremely important hint you need to take when researching on the internet. It is to never type in a question your mind has come up with as it will not be too specific. Also, the search engine may not come up with as many results as you would like it to do so.

  14. jake Reply

    use the key words

  15. Katy Reply

    There are lots of things you have to do but typing in the correct subject is a good start also type in for kids at the end often makes better websites come up and not too complecated.

  16. zuzanna Reply

    Use key words and don’t make it to long

  17. Alexander Reply

    This helps me what you did because I wasn’t here thanks!

  18. Ade Reply

    i read a really interesting book yesterday called the 10 plagues of Egypt that could help me with my project

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