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HA Day 2 and 3!

After our first night at High Adventure, everyone was eager to get started on their first full day and see what was in store! We filled our bellies with a yummy breakfast of cereal or toast or even sausage and beans (or a bit of them all!) before getting into our groups for the day’s activities. After finding out what each group were doing, we set off either caving, canoeing or heading out for the mountain activities – climbing, abseiling and weaselling. 

To give you a bit of a taster, here are words used to describe all these activities at High Adventure by the Y6s:

Canoeing: Thrilling, exciting, wet, freezing, exhilarating

Caving: cold, wet (again!), dark, cramped, out-of-this-world, extreme

Abseiling: risk-taking, nerve-racking, strength-building mentally and physically! 

Weaselling: Squeezing into tight gaps, exhausting! Muscle-working

HA in general (so far): adventurous! Fun! Once in a lifetime opportunity! 

All groups arrived back at High Adventure around 5pm with time for a quick shower before another tasty dinner; this time, it was lovely lasagne followed by a scrumptious bowl of apple crumble and custard. Then we all started getting excited for our evening activity: the legendary Labyrinth! With all Y6s ready in the downstairs games room, we split into teams and started exploring the labyrinth…

The exploration was short lived however, as another, unplanned experience was awaiting us all…a spectacular storm, which seemed to be happening right above High Adventure, caused a rush of surface water to flood out the lower floor, meaning we all had to evacuate the downstairs dorms! It was a (in the words of the Y6s) “a terrifying, heart-pumping but excitingly nerve-racking experience” and one that we will certainly be talking about for a while! (Unfortunately no photos were taken of the flood as the adults were a bit preoccupied…!)

After a very eventful evening, on Wednesday morning we woke up in the new dorms (or in the dining room in the case of Mrs Hearson, Mrs Martindale, Miss Grainger or Miss Platts!) ready and raring to go for another jam-packed day of fun in our groups. Again we all got back to the centre for a dinner of chicken curry and sticky toffee pudding (yum!) and swapped stories of the adventures of the day before our next evening challenge – the mysterious blindline!

In pairs, they Y6s lead each other, blindfolded, around an obstacle course using firstly only single word instructions and then only a series of taps around the shoulders or head to tell the blindfolded person what to do…it was definitely an amusing activity to watch!!

To sum up: the past two days have been a rollercoaster of new, interesting and exciting life experiences..and we still have 2 days left!

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  1. Dave Atkinson Reply

    Thanks for the update, looks like they are all having a great time!

  2. Emily Reply

    Wow! Some fabulous photographic evidence there of a wonderful adventure! Keep up the good work guys! ? X

  3. Suzi Furey Reply

    What an adventure!! Thank you so much for the updates and for looking after them so well.

  4. Jane Leach Reply

    Looks like everyone’s having a superb time with lots of exciting stories to tell us about at home 🙂 Great photo’s!

  5. Jade Reply

    It was so fun, i did caving on the second day and high ropes on the third!
    [high ropes was my favourite because i grabbed on to the triangle on the leap of faith]

  6. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    The flood was very exciting as we had to wade through water but the lightning was quite scary as it kept on constantly lighting up the sky. ???

  7. freddie Reply

    awesome time amazing experience.

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