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Happy Half Term!

Well done for a fab first half term Class 9. We’ve already had a busy one, and you’ve all worked fantastically so make sure you have a lovely holiday with your families and friends. I look forward to hearing about what you have been up to when we are back!

Please remember that you come back to school on Monday 31st October.

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  1. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I really enjoyed half term!

  2. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    And I’m very happy to see everyone again back at sch!ool

  3. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    1. That meant to say ‘school!’.
    2. No more lie-ins though.

  4. Charlotte Reply

    I enjoyed my half term but I was also excited to come back to school on Halloween!

  5. Molly (playground buddy) Reply

    Half was really fun

  6. Molly (playground buddy) Reply

    Half term was really fun 🙂

  7. Elle Reply

    I had a great half term! Sorry I haven’t been able to blog recently,? I was just so busy!

  8. Elle Reply

    It is my birthday soon!?????

  9. Elle Reply

    On November the 30th!?

  10. Elle Reply

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Elle Reply

    I think I’m gonna have a sleep over with Manon for my birthday!????

  12. Elle Reply

    I keep on forgetting to write in the suggestion box-school council.?

  13. Elle Reply

    Soon I won’t be ten!?

  14. Elle Reply

    I’ll be 100!?

  15. Elle Reply


  16. Elle Reply

    I’ll be 11!? YAY

  17. Elle Reply

    If you look ?? you’ll see that there is 27 days until my b-day!?

  18. Elle Reply

    I’m going to do a count down until it’s the special day!?

  19. Elle Reply

    I’m trying to blog as much as possible!

  20. Elle Reply


  21. Elle Reply

    I wonder what our next home work will be??

  22. Elle Reply

    I hope everyone gets some rest, school makes your brain ache after all that work!?

  23. Elle Reply

    Ms Platts! I keep forgetting to show you my reading record!?

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