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Health and Wellbeing

We’ve had a tremendous time this week and have particularly enjoyed the extra sports and fitness activities we’ve taken part in.  On Monday we were involved in a games session with Axiom Sports which featured a particularly epic game of dodgeball!  On Wednesday, we took part in a Fight Fit class which wore everyone out but left us with huge smiles on our faces!

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  1. laurie

    I loved making the salad faces!I never knew eyebrows tasted so good!

    • Morgan

      I totally know how you feel laurie they were delious?

  2. Abdallah

    I really enjoyed this.

    • Morgan

      Me to

  3. brooke

    i really enjoyed health and wellbieng week and also fight fit wasfun

  4. Isobel

    i loved health and wellbeing week. congratulations to Georgia and Dylan for getting school council. we did a hula hooping competition Harley came second but Georgia won after that we had a comp with class 8 we drew then we had a disco where one at a time ran or walked into the middle and did a move, i loved it!

  5. zak

    Thank you to Fight Fit Kidz for coming in. I really enjoyed this lesson.

  6. euan stewart.

    On Friday We did dancing In the Hall, we Loved It.

  7. Morgan

    I REALY enjoyed fight fit and I am so glad that I got into the club!?

  8. Ellissia

    I really enjoyed health and wellbeing week aspeshally fight fit

  9. Ellissia

    I really enjoyed health and wellbeing week