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Henry VIII’s diary

I enjoyed reading your Henry VIII diaries Class 6! I wonder if he kept a diary in real life? If he did, do you think he wrote it himself or do you think he made one of his ministers write it because he was busy hunting, playing tennis or eating? – Miss Land.

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Can the children with the best 3 diaries come and read them to me please?

    • class6 Reply

      Hello Miss Sawywer, I will ask them to go and find you tomorrow! Many are authentic, others quite dramatic as you will hear! – Miss Land.

  2. Travis Reply

    umm hi?

    • Oscar Hamilton Reply

      Travis I have no idea whatsoever why you said that.

  3. Travis Reply

    Yeah egzacky because i’m weird.

    • Alexander.S Reply

      Me to Travis is well I have no idea why you said that!

  4. Freddie (school council) Reply

    MAYBE because he wanted to say hi oscar

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