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High Adventure

It sounded like all the Year 6’s had a fantastic time at High Adventure. What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?

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  1. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed archery and caving.:)

  2. khai Reply

    it was very exiting hearing the place called high adventure and the labyrinth is really cramp and i ropes is a bit scary and watch out in caving i wont tell you why?

  3. mae Reply

    high ropes

  4. Holly Reply

    High adventure was rammed with fantastic thrills and surprises, such as when you had to walk in the lake in canoeing. The instructors told us a very interesting fact. It was: A plane crashed in the lake around 80 years ago and mattresses are at the bottom of the lake. We were all sopping wet, but I loved it!

  5. oleg Reply


  6. Gaurie Reply

    I enjoyed high ropes because it was extreamly challenging
    especialy considering I am petrified of heights but it was awsome nevertheless. The canoeing was great cos’ we got absaloutly soaking wet [and freezing] but getting soaked is one of my favirote thngs 🙂

  7. Ava Reply

    I really enjoyed the caving even though i was scared at first!


    • Holly Reply

      I was petrified that the cave would collapse on us and that I would become trapped in one of the small holes.

  8. molly Reply

    i liked all of it

  9. Amy T Reply

    How was high adventure year 6s? Hope you had a nice time from Amy

  10. abby Reply

    # I<3 high adventure i HATED the laberenth! o:

  11. luke Reply

    now I wish I went!

  12. khai Reply

    the HIGH ROPES was very high well its in the name any way it was so most AWESOME activity ever IMO 🙂

  13. khai Reply


  14. khai Reply

    it was very difficult carrying all those boats:( :0

  15. Tom Reply

    high adventure was grate wen we went kyacing then we went into a lake wich must of deen atleest 10 dugrees. At the end we jumpt in!It was orsum!

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