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The three best sentences I can write on a topic of my choice are…

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  1. Bethan (School council) Reply


    Animals are amazing and compulsory to us as we humans are fascinating kinds of animals called mammals! Different species can come in all different shapes and sizes, e.g. Elephants are huge but fleas are microscopic!Did you know that most animals shed their skin but it is not obvious, while astonishing animals such as snakes do it so it is very obvious?

  2. Nicole Reply

    That is good Bethan

  3. Nicole Reply

    the world
    “why is the world called earth, not ‘sea’ even though there is so much more of it than land” is a question which I think the answer to is : the first humans did not know much of the ocean and mainly saw land.
    there are four layers to it : crust, mantel, outer core and inner core.
    it is a fascinating place, but more people have spent money exploring the rest of our galaxy than they have exploring earth!!!

    WE DO NOT KNOW MUCH ABOUT OUR WORLD!!! doesn’t it make sense to learn more about earth???

  4. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Nicole that is GREAT!

  5. Molly Reply


    I went as high as a house today, at an amazing lesson with my climbing instructor. However,I came back down to earth in a puff of chalk; but not with a bang!

    At the top I was supreme.

    Queen of the wall. Unbeatable!

  6. Aidan Reply

    My topic is Thailand : bottle Beach
    As I stood on the blazing chilli hot sand, I gazed at the Thai long boat which was speeding around Koh pang yang.Soon enough I was in the aqua blue sea snorkeling deep under the surface of the sea , my eyeballs stopped and stared at all of the exotic fish and coral.Although when me and my dad came up to the surface the bright orange sun the bright light hit our eyeballs it was like a meteor hit planet Earth.

  7. Aidan Reply

    I like mine. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. Moya Reply


    Democracy has done great things in some places like America, but in the past people have been tricked into thinking that things or people were good when actually they were really bad. Hitler, for one, tricked people into thinking he was good when he did horrible things. However a world without democracy would be a world I would not like to live in.

    • Melo Reply

      moya, your’re so intelligent!

    • William (school council) Reply

      Hey Moya yours is really good 😀

  9. Molly Reply

    hey moya i like yours yo!:):):):)

  10. Mae Reply

    Gazing peacefully at the wide open ocean, David wandered through his mind searching for answers, but curiosity alone wouldn’t give him them. David did not realize that the answers were running swiftly through his veins at that very moment. Everything seemed reasonably normal for David on that sunny afternoon but super human knowledge is pretty average for a 15 year old alien…

  11. Bethan (School council) Reply

    They r all great well done class 9 keep up the good work!

  12. Sam Reply

    Early Humans

    The earliest human skeleton ever found belonged to a Hominid nicknamed Lucy by archaeologists. She was discovered on 24th November 1974 and is 3.2 million years old. The first species of human was called Homo Sapiens.

    • Robert M Reply

      Well Sam Homo sapian [wise man]is are species of human but neatherthals were the first human]

  13. Sam Reply

    Nice one, me.

  14. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Wow Sam that’s great!

  15. William (school council co-chair) Reply


    Screaming in agony, the Doctor’s body slowly turned into dancing yellow particles that evolved into a firey mass bringing down pillars and steadily blowing up the TARDIS until… an incarnation was born.

    The firey mass filled the TARDIS console room, making the controls, full of enegy and power, explode like a hoard of angry wasps.

    The TARDIS windows shattered in a shower of glass, falling into deep space below as the space ship crashed to earth.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 :0

  16. Thisen Reply

    Human teeth!!!
    Our teeth have three layers. The first layer is Enamel, it is the strongest part of your teeth. Secondly, you have the dentine. The third and final layer is your pulp and nerves.

  17. Jasmine Reply


    I enjoy art because it is interesting, allowing me to let my imagination go wild and use artistic licence to create unique paintings and drawings.

    I see art all around me in everyday things, like the change of the leaves and the evaporation of water; where you see a puddle I see a kaleidoscope of colour reflecting in the golden halo above me.

    When I’m doing art, something takes over my hand and transports me to another world, where anything is possible and the only limit is the power of my imagination.

  18. Katy Reply

    Gymnastics Beam

    As I stand on an only 10cm wide piece of wood and I am about to do a jump and my heart is thumping so hard you could hear it from miles away.I finally get my confidence up to do it. My foot slipped, I lost my balence and I fell off but I get back on and finish the routine with nerves running through my body.

  19. George Reply

    A adventure story!

    As I dived into the cave I could hear the roar of the outside world slowly grow quieter and quieter;this was it, I thought to myself,if I turn back now the mystery of the forgotten jewels will never be uncovered! I scrambled to my feet and marched with a sensation of ecstasy and nervousness towards the old crooked chamber before me. Despite being cautious at the start,I had now overcome great fear and were ready to delve deep beyond the chamber of mysteries and uncover the treasure that hid behind this great wall,but as I excitedly opened the chamber door I didn’t know what would face me at the other side…

  20. Ava Reply

    As the York eagles warmed up to get ready for battle against the Hull wasps, my brother (Luca)ran up the court like a bull charging at an unexpected visitor. The first basket was scored by Felix who is 6ft 5″ and can impressively slam dunk in a 360 spin. As the game came to an end the score was 72-31 to us so the York eagles celebrated triumphantly at another national league victory.

  21. Melo Reply


    My new friend Pikachu pounced of my shoulder, swiftly spun around and used thunderbolt which shocked the opponent trainer as his pidgey fell to the ground! Another win, we are unstoppable, 57 strait wins and we will keep growing stronger and stronger until we can challenge the elite four and the champion…..
    “Only 8 gyms to go right buddy!”
    “PIKA!” (that means “yes!” in Pikachu language :D)
    “Ok lets head to Vermilion City!”

    And so Ash and his buddy, Pikachu, headed for Vermilion City to take on the first of 8 gyms!

    To be continued…
    (Ok no it wont!)

  22. Erin Reply

    Connie(my kitten!):

    Darting around mum’s bedroom like a cheetah, wanting to play chase with Cinders(my cat!).
    Jumping from the living room sofa, all the way to the table on the other side of the room like the floor was a shark infested sea.
    She is very naughty in the bathroom, where she starts ripping a toilet roll that we haven’t used so there are shreds of it all over the floor and claw marks on the roll!

    (All of this true!)

  23. Skye Reply

    I stood on the boat in the sun looking at the dolphins and whales in the sea, suddenly one jumped out of the water and splashed me in the face.

    The Country
    I stood in the country I looked up and saw a amazing sparkly rainbow.

    I woke up in my bed it was 10:00 and the sun was shining through my curtains.

  24. Tomas Reply

    On my holidays we went to the island of Rhodes, Greece and there was a massive castle surrounded by a long wall and moat.
    You can still see the catapult balls incrusted in the walls, and you could really imagine that lots of knights were fighting fiercely!

    The amazing armour, weapons and rusty canons even now visible that the knights used in medieval times, can transport you back to the crusades!! 😀

  25. moya Reply

    Thank you so much, Melo!

  26. Thomas Reply


    I stood in the blaring sun, ready to get my scarlet sunburnt feet into the nice cool swimming pool. The paving stones in the front garden got so hot I was forced to put my feet in my sandels, (horrible if they are smotherd in sun cream). Like a dolphin I pounced into the swimming pool sending a wave of water on anybody in a 3 metre radius.

  27. Jacob Reply

    The Parthenon and Acropolis

    I stood with amazement as I saw the huge stone structure. Back in ancient Greece the columns supported a colossal weight because of all the stone picture friezes running round the edge. To think that it was build all those years ago and now it’s still standing today! The inside of the temple no longer remains due to it getting blown up by the Venetians.

  28. Archie Reply

    William Shakespeare!

    Proudly he accepted to be England’s best writer of all time.
    Most of his famous work and most known work was produced around 1589 and 1613.
    His occupations were more than just an amazing play writer he was also a wonderful poet and a brilliant actor.

  29. isabella Reply


    Using 25% of blood oxygen,100bn cells weigh 0.4kg at birth and grow to full size (1.4kg) at 6 yrs with each creating up to 25,000 connections. A frontal lobe is for thinking,emotion and movement also there is something called pons,medulla and oblongata they are for heartbeat,breathing,ciculation and digestion.

    Skin converts sunlight to vitamin D and is largest organ of body -2m varying from 0.5 to 6 mm thick from eye to soul to foot. The Merkel’s nerve end is for touch and the Ruffni nerve end is for coldness. The fatty tissue is adipose.

  30. Oleg Reply

    Football is the best skills trophes coach,
    leages winners players of the year best golies,
    players of the week or even of the most acheived player.

  31. Oleg Reply

    Nice Im amazing.

  32. William Reply


    Did you know iguanas can reach 6 feat in length? That’s about as long as a kitchen table wow!
    Iguanas are very different from other lizards because they are plant eaters (herbivores). A lot of iguanas live in Mexico as I have seen!

  33. Jasmine Reply

    WOW guys those are amazing!!!! 😀 😀 :

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