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Homework 23rd September


In English this week we will continue to read stories which are set in familiar places. We will look specifically at the familiar setting of the country side and think of interesting words and adjectives to describe this type of setting. Also, we will try to write an alternative ending for our story and think about how the characters react to different events in the story. Can you draw a picture of the country side and label what you find in this setting? Write a short story about an animal that lives in the country side. Happy writing!


Reading journals:

Year 1 – please complete the activity on page three.  You can choose any book you have read.

Year 2: Please complete the ‘Facts about myself’ on page three.



In maths we will be doing some addition. To help us we use counters, numberlines or hundred squares. You can practise some sums at home. We will also be doing some weighing using cubes and discussing the standard unit of kilograms. Could you do some weighing at home? Maybe you could do some cooking.



In topic we will be doing an investigation to find out what happens when we do exercise and recording our results. Which exercise gets you really out of breath? Can you count how many breaths you do in a minute straight afterwards? Can you design your own investigation – you could get your family involved too.


We will also be talking about when you were a baby and how you have changed since then.


Mrs Hearson and Mrs Carr Brion

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