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Wow! I am amazed by your creativity. Can you list some of the amazing homework we have shared this week?

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  1. Nikoo Reply

    This list does not go in favrites!!!
    1. Martha’s cake nest
    2. Joe’s cake(yum!!!)
    3.nikola’s stegosaurus report
    4. Lauren’s Stegosaurus report
    5. Fletcher’s dinosaur model’s dinosaur dip
    7.emma’s delicious cupcakes ( :p )

  2. Caleb Reply

    I liked Nikoo’s Lucky bone dip. 🙂

  3. Bethan Reply

    Class 9 that sounds great! I remember all the creative hw we came up with was excellent! Secondary is fun and different! I’m enjoying myself alot!

  4. Nikoo (school council) Reply

    I really enjoyed all the projects especially the edible ones!!! Devi your painting is amazing!!!

  5. indie Reply

    I liked all of them.They were all different and they were all good.

  6. Euan Reply

    I liked Kyran’s presentation. I also liked all the cakes and biscuits!

  7. Martha Reply

    I liked Elly’s 3D dinosaur biscuits! They were tasty!

  8. josh&stan Reply

    i thought all the homework was really great and amazing all the cake was good.;] [josh]

    I think all of the homework was great and really fun.[Stan]

  9. devi Reply

    every ones homework was epic i really liked the bone dip and the cakes yum!!! 🙂

  10. nicola Reply

    It was all amazing!!!

    Martha’s cake
    Joe’s cake
    Devi’s painting
    Lillianna’s model and facts
    Ellie B’s cookies!!!!!
    Lauren’s booklet!!!!!

    • Emma :) says Reply

      Good choice Nicola!!!!!!!!!
      This is no order.
      1. Amalies fossils and power point
      2.Marthers cake
      3.Joes cake
      4.Sams powerpoint
      5.Nikoos thing (don’t know what to call it!!) 🙂

  11. Lilliana Reply

    It was all super awesome!!!!!!!

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