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Homework 3rd September


Week beginning Tuesday 3rd September

Welcome back!


In English we will start by looking at labels, lists and captions. The children will familiarise themselves with what a label is by exploring in the classroom and labelling each other! We will then move onto captions where the children will practise writing their own captions for photographs of themselves demonstrating the classroom rules. Can you draw a picture of your favourite toy and label it? Could you add a caption?



We will be counting objects in ones and also by grouping them into twos, fives and tens then counting. We will also be looking at ordering and writing days of the week and months of the year as well as exploring different words we use when discussing time. Can you make a list of words at home? (e.g. yesterday, later, hour, quickly..).Which month does everyone in your family have their birthday? Who is next?



Our topic this term is ‘Getting to know you’. We will begin this week by getting to know each other in class and the adults who we work with. We will also be writing our own class charter and learning about belonging to a group. In science we will be learning the names of different parts of our body.


Please bring in a photograph of yourself when you were a baby. Please put your name on the back.

Mrs Carr-Brion and Mrs Hearson

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