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Homework for the first week of 2014 c7 Homework 16 v2


Happy New Year

We will start a new topic homework next week.



Keep up the reading – particularly careful reading out loud to someone else. Remember to write in your book once a week and bring it into school every day.


Maths recall facts

We are learning equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages. There will be a test of these on Friday instead of spellings. You could make all the groups of facts, play snap games or find matching pairs

Times Tables x____

  • The test is next Friday so make sure you know which one you are practising.


  • Swimming starts on Monday afternoon. Don’t forget your kit, a towel and a bag (or 2) to help keep your clothes dry and sorted. We will also walk whatever the weather so make sure you have a coat. This replaces PE from Friday but the Thursday PE session will still happen.


Next Week:

  • In English we are working on the features of myths and legends.
  • In maths, we will work on our written methods of addition including applying them to word based problems.
  • In science we are working on defining solids and liquids.



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    I can not wait. It is all so exciting!

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