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Homework Project

Remember that for your first homework project of 2017, we would like you to carry out either research into a significant person from the war or interview and collect the memories of someone you know who may have been involved or lived during the war.

If you choose to research a man or woman who played a key role in the Second World War you might decide to look into the life of politicians such as Winston Churchill or Neville Chamberlain or other people who helped significantly with the war effort such as Vera Lynn, Alan Turing or a group of people like the ‘Land Girls’, ‘Dad’s Army’ or ‘Wrens’.

You can present your interview or research in any way which you choose.

Please have your projects ready to share in class from Friday 20th January. We think that you will really enjoy working on this project and look forward to hearing about what you have discovered!

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  1. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I am interviewing my Grandpa as he was evacuated from the Belfast Blitz. I’m going to record what he says then with photos make it into an iMovie movie.

  2. Ellen Reply

    I can’t wait to see what everyone has done

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