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Homework Project…

For your next homework project, imagine that you have been whisked back in time to Pre-historic Britain!  Think about what you may see there and who – or what! – you may come across. Did you have any Stone Age adventures during your trip?
We’d like you to present Stone Age adventures through something creative. This could be your own comic-book style cave paintings of your adventures, a 3D model of the Stone Age town you visited, a sculpture of something you found whilst you were there, your own Stone Age story…absolutely anything!
Your creative Stone Age adventures should be ready to share by Friday 1st December, please.  Enjoy your creative Stone Age exploring!

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  1. joe Reply

    For my homework i’m gonna do a comic strip as i love drawing and i like making them at home

  2. millie rose larbey Reply

    This homework project sounds very fun and i look forward to making mine or drawing also i cant wait till i see everyone elses.

  3. Isidora Reply

    done it

  4. jasmine Reply

    This sounds like the best project we will have done so far this year!

  5. rosa carter Reply

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyones work:)

  6. junior bean Reply

    i am looking forward to learn more about the stone age

  7. Annabelle.M Reply

    i really like this homework as you can express your creativity ! and learn !…

  8. .Poppy Walker Reply

    This is a amazing project and I can’t believe it’s nearly december also this shows tunes of creativity in every body.

  9. Livy Reply

    I’d love to go back in time to Pre-historic britain so i’m able to see what it’s like!

  10. Laura Allison Reply

    I like this project as it allows children to think outside the box and share their creative ideas with the rest of the class.

  11. Sophia Reply

    I have a awesome idea!

  12. george Reply

    I really enjoy writing creative stories,especially about the Stone Age.

  13. Lucas Reply

    Im looking forward to it

  14. Mollie Reply

    This sounds a really fun project; I like the sound of a 3D model!

  15. Marcus Reply

    I’m probably going to make a model of stonehenge and put a little tiny T.A.R.D.I.S on it and I may use a minifigure of myself to represent me

  16. Ella! Reply

    Okay! In on the first day of December!

  17. pujani Reply

    done it

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