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Homework Project…

Please remember that for your next homework project, imagine that you have been whisked back in time to Pre-historic Britain!  Think about what you may see there and who – or what! – you may come across. Did you have any Stone Age adventures during your trip?
We’d like you to present Stone Age adventures through something creative. This could be your own comic-book style cave paintings of your adventures, a 3D model of the Stone Age town you visited, a sculpture of something you found whilst you were there, your own Stone Age story…absolutely anything!
Your creative Stone Age adventures should be ready to share by Friday 1st December, please.  Enjoy your creative Stone Age exploring!

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  1. millie rose larbey Reply

    is it suppose to be in on thursday because that is the 1 and it says friday the 1 but friday is the 2

  2. millie rose larbey Reply

    sorry just not sure

  3. Logan Clark Reply

    yeah its on friday the 2 of december

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