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Homework Project…

For your next homework project, we’d like you to design a poster for a Winter party taking place in the Stone Age era.
Your project should be presented neatly in a way that can be displayed in our class. It should include details of when and where the party is; what is happening at the party, including games and food; pictures or illustrations and any other important details.

Your posters should be returned to share by Thursday 15th December, please. We look forward to hearing about your events. Happy party planning!

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  1. Ella! Reply


  2. Lucia Reply

    I enjoyed planning my winter party poster! I can’t wait to share my poster:-)

  3. Marcus Reply

    Already done the project and quite enjoyed doing it if I might say so myself

  4. Poppy Walker Reply

    I love to design posters and this one sounds really cool and fun plus I can’t wait to see every bodies.

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