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Homework w/b 24th February


We will begin a unit on traditional tales this week. We will look at the tale of The Three Little Pigs from different points of view. We will also write a short dialogue between the wolf and one of the pigs. What is your favourite traditional tale? Why not ask the question to your parents and grandparents? Are their answers the same as yours?


This week in Maths we will begin by looking at 1 and 10 more and less than numbers. We will also think about odd and even numbers and see if we can spot any patterns using these numbers. Can you write down numbers and find 1 or 10 more and less? In addition to this we will look at giving clear instructions and turning objects using whole, half and quarter turns. We will introduce the language clockwise and anti-clockwise to describe a turn. Get an adult to give you instructions for turning in different ways, can they make you dizzy?!


Today (24.2.14) marks the start of Fairtrade fortnight. In our topic work we will be looking at how Fairtrade bananas get from where they are grown to the shops in York. We will also be listening to a talk on how Fairtrade produce can make a difference to the people who produce them. Can you find Fairtrade foods when you go shopping?

Next Week

In our topic work we will be designing our own fruit salad, which pieces of fruit would you like to include? Please remember that it’ll be world book day on Thursday 6th March.

Other Notes

Please ensure that all children have a full PE kit. A named white t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls.

We will be having a Fairtrade workshop in school on Thursday afternoon!

Thank you,

Miss Plews.

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