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Swimming (so exciting)!

Hello Class 6!

I hope you have all had a great holiday!

Just to remind you that you will need your swimming things with you on Monday as it is our first lesson in the afternoon at Yearsley Pool.

See you all on Monday,

– Miss Land.



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  1. Travis (School Council) Reply

    I like swimming. Its good. I’m looking forward to going swimming and coming back to school!

    • bo etheridge Reply

      Thank you miss sawyer , i am realy enjoying swimming.Did you know that i used to have swimming bo xxx

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    So how was the swimming Class 6? Did you make us proud?

  3. class6 Reply

    They did brilliantly and made us proud! All of the children walked to the pool very sensibly and listened carefully to the teachers at the pool.

  4. ellen Reply

    It’s great that we all get to go swimming with school! I really like swimming but I had to stop going to swimming lessons because I have gym on. I’m really glad we get to go swimming with school or I wouldn’t have a single swimming lesson a week.:)

  5. reuben Reply

    I am also very good at swimming. I am on stage 5

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