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Homework for Week Beginning 30th September

Week beginning Monday 30th September


We will continue to read stories which are set in familiar places. This week we will look at the setting of the seaside and think of our own adjectives to describe this place. Also, we will write a postcard to explain what a character did at the seaside. We shall share our own experiences of the seaside and begin to plan our own seaside story. Can you think about something which you enjoy to do at the seaside? Draw what you think would be the perfect seaside and bring it in to share!


Reading journals: Please complete the activity on these pages.

Year 1 – page 5

Year 2 – page 5



In maths we will be doing subtraction or ‘taking away’. To begin with we will use number lines and counters then move onto finding the difference. Please practise this in the context of giving change – I spend 16p and pay with 20p. Count up from 16 to 20 to find how much change. We will also be naming and describing the properties of 2d or ‘flat’ shapes. Can you find any at home? Which ones are most common?



In Topic we will be learning about how we grow from baby to adult. Ask to see some photos of your parents or grandparents when they were younger. How have they changed?

Also it would be great if you talked to your grandparents (if possible) to find out about their lives before you were born. Ask them where were they born? What did they like doing as a child/ at school?  What job did they do? You could write down their answers on the back of this sheet and share them with us on Monday when we look at changes that people go through in their lives.


If you haven’t had the chance yet please go to and have a look at our class blog. Please leave a comment; I love to read your comments (parents too!).


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