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Reading scales

Do you remember in maths we have been doing some measuring? Did you remember to look for things at home which measure and then have a go at reading the scale. E.g a speedometer, a thermometer, a set of bathroom scales?

How many can you find? Reply with your answers.

Also, did you find out how many kg you weigh?

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Wouldn’t it be great to see the children leaving their comments here…

  2. Isidora Reply

    We looked around the house and we found a ruler and a measuring tape.

  3. Ellissia Reply

    I found a tape measure, weighing scales in Nannas bathroom,
    I weigh 23 kilos

    • class4 Reply

      Can you measure your height with the tape measure Ellissia?

  4. Charlotte Reply

    Kitchen scales
    Normal scales
    Suitcase scales
    Fish scales
    Blood pressure scales
    Tape measure
    Jug measure
    Hight chart
    Egg timer

  5. class4 Reply

    Charlotte- you’re having a busy afternoon! That’s a lot of scales. I bet not many people have blood pressure scales at home.

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