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How to look after your pet dinosaur

For our Exciting Writing task this week we wrote about how you might take care of a pet dinosaur.  What were your top tips for dino care?!

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  1. Oscar - :D Reply

    My top tips for a diplodocus were make sure it can have a cage 30 ft. high and 85 ft. long that can take 22,000 kilos.

  2. Sara Reply

    I think that i have done a good job in my piece of writing.

  3. Travis Reply

    Well, you should feed your Dinosaur 10 fish a day so it doesn’t try to eat you :3

  4. Chelsea Reply

    My two top tips were how to train a dinosaur and were you need to take it because if it stayed inside it would trash the house.

  5. ben and louie Reply

    We really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs. We like the stegosaurus

  6. harvey Reply

    I like my piece of writing.

  7. Joe Reply

    my top tip is feed it everyday or it will destroy everything.

  8. M@NI Reply

    i would have a Spinosauras and i would bathe it in the river Foss 🙂 🙂

  9. Lucy and Jasmine Reply

    We enjoyed writing about how to look after a pet dinosaur.Everyone remember to keep it outside not in your house unless you would like to be crushed and eaten.

  10. kian Reply

    I think I’ve done really well using my imagination.

  11. Mollie Furey Reply

    One of my top tips was to teach your dinosaur basic house rules like:




  12. Jacob Reply

    Feed your Tyrannosaurus or Allosaurus at least 200 kg (440 pounds) of meat every day.

  13. Betsy and sophia Reply

    betsy: you should all dress up as dinosaurs to make sure you do not get eaten

    sophia: Please can you get your dino as a baby so your neighbors can get use to the noise they make as they grow up.

  14. Chelsea Reply

    My top two tips were how to train a dinosaur and what food it eats.

  15. Joshua Reply

    My top tip is always feed your dinosaur when your house shakes.

  16. Millie :) Reply

    Give your dinosaur at least 9 walks a day.

  17. Onett Perera Reply

    My top tip is to wear earplugs when walking your dinosaur so you don’t have to listen to neighbors complaining. Also feed your dinosaur 30 kg of meat every day.

  18. Jade and Masha Reply

    Jade: i love this topic because i love dinosaurs i like there roar and all the types and features of them.

    Masha: i like dinosaurs and there roars

  19. RALPH Reply

    The Diplodocus is very naughty. This is how to stop it:
    give it wet leafs

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