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Top Tips…

Today we wrote a set of instructions about how to behave in Class 8, as part of our exciting writing task.

What top tips did you write about? What does a newcomer need to know about life in Class 8?!

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  1. Holly Reply

    Rewards, Consequences and punishments such as being sent out of the room.

  2. Joseph Reply

    I wrote about things from the class charter.

  3. gaurie Reply

    Don’t follow Mr Mastrelli around the class after you finished a piece of work.:D

  4. mae Reply

    Follow all of the class rules and line up sensibly.

  5. khai Reply

    always listen to your teachers and others like staff a.t and dinner ladys

  6. luke Reply

    I am not looking forward to my s.p.a.g test>:/

  7. Jaimie Reply

    My top tips for a Class 8 newcomer is to always smile – it improves your face value, be honest (honesty is the best policy)and be the best you can be! Also, it is essential to remember: To never follow Mr. Mastrelli around!

  8. gaurie Reply

    Have fun learning with Mr Mastrelli 😀

  9. lucas Reply

    always follow the class rules :()

  10. khai Reply

    always be happy

  11. luke Reply

    I am not looking forward to my s.p.a.g test >:(

  12. Oleg Reply

    Never shout out

  13. Katy Reply

    As part of my instructions I wrote don’t us your outdoor voice indoors as it will disturb other classes while they are working.

  14. Dan Reply

    Be kind and try hard to make some friends.:D
    Put your hand up in class and don’t be shy.:D
    Have fun! 😀

  15. Alexander Reply

    Remenber to tell what rewards and punaments you can get.

  16. khai Reply

    do great things to others or atleast be happy

  17. Tom.C Reply

    Don’t make Mr Mastrelli angry. ps: If you do don’t do i again.

  18. Olivia Reply

    I wrote about if you get a raffle ticket you get 1 bit of the prize and every raffle ticket you get wins 1 bit of the prize 🙂

  19. Molly Reply

    i wrote most about how you preseny your work

    • Molly Reply

      soory ‘present’not preseny

  20. Ava Reply

    One of my instructions was “BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!” 😀 ;D

  21. Zuzanna Reply

    You shouldn’t shout out in class 8

  22. luke Reply

    yay s.p.a.g test 😀

  23. khai Reply

    respect teachers

  24. khai Reply

    try your best in work not just literacy or maths

  25. robby Reply

    You don’t mess about in lessons and never chat back to the teachers don’t fidget about in class or distract other people

  26. Klaudia Reply

    Listen to your teacher carefully

  27. abby Reply

    I did about basic class rules and my improvement time was to write about rewards and consequences!

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