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Interesting information!

Our new English topic this term is based on information texts, so to develop our understanding of the different features in information texts, we explored a range of them within our groups. It was also a great way to learn more about an element of our new topic: the Stone Age!

Class 9 – what features of information texts did you identify? What did you learn about the Stone Age?

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  1. Ellen

    We identified the headings and subheadings

  2. Molly

    This was so fun learning about the stone age is fun. 🙂

  3. charlotte

    I was surprised because our book was called ‘secrets of stonehenge’ but it had nothing to do with it until the end of the section. I think it was because that bit was just the introduction.

  4. ben

    it was fun and informing

  5. kian

    I learnt that there were three different stages in the Stone Age.

  6. Tia A

    I learnt that they used to hunt animals not only for their meat but for there skin and sometimes hair to make different resources like ropes or carpets.

  7. Charlie.D

    Stone age seemed……….Rocky

  8. J@de [play ground buddy]

    I learnt that they carve flint to make arrow heads to kill animals

  9. becca

    I am enjoying this topic and can’t wait to find out more about the stone age.

  10. Manon

    I like learning about the Stone Age

  11. Manon

    I can’t believe that the Stone Age is such a long period! 😀