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Internet Safety

What are your top tips for staying safe online?

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  1. Charlotte Reply

    Never ever argue if someone types something nasty.

  2. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    Don’ tell anyone you do not know about your personal information like your name,address,phone number,telephone and anything about your school.

  3. H@rley N Reply

    If you want to be safe on the internet remember don’t talk to anyone you know and you’ll be as safe as a hedgehog

  4. Ellen + Callie Reply

    We think you should never speak to somebody you don’t know !

  5. reuben Reply

    Remember, be safe and if something seems wrong, it probably is

  6. george Reply


    DON’T be friends with someone you don’t know!

  7. Poppy Reply

    I loved doing a poster all about internet safety and doing pictures.

  8. logan clark and charlotte Reply


    DONT open any links because there couldbe a virous 🙂

  9. Jasmine and Elle Reply

    Never meet up with ANYONE that you think is your friend from the internet in real life unless with an adult.

  10. Shannon Reply

    any Nasty messages you recive delete and block

  11. charlotte Reply

    NEVER agree to meet someone of the internet without an adults permission and an adult with you.

  12. freddie Reply

    I AM ALWAYS SAFE ON The internet I ask my DAD IF something sais download or install.

  13. Mrs Steel Reply

    I’m so glad you have been talking about this because it is so important.

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