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Internet Safety

We had a really informative assembly led by PCSO Harris this week where we learned how to keep safe when using the internet.  What are your top tips for using the internet safely?

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  1. Oleg Reply

    was on the website ie was realy fun playing the games

  2. olivia Reply

    Keep personal things to yurself

  3. Jaimie Reply

    My top tips are to:

    1. Only ‘talk’ to family and friends, never strangers.

    2. If something doesn’t seem right, tell an adult you trust, scan the message for viruses and save the message.

    3. Press the REPORT ABUSE button to avoid further problems.

  4. Holly Reply

    Don’t give away personal information and always ask a trusted person for help if you are worried or confused.

  5. William Reply

    Make sure you don’t give away personal information such as where you live and your name!

  6. mae Reply

    Don’t revile anything personal like your name or your address.

  7. Joseph Reply

    1. Don’t talk to strangers as they can say they are somebody who they aren’t. shouldn’t put things on the internet like where you live, which school you go to, and how old you are, ect.

  8. ade Reply

    Same I realy liked the web,it was fun.

  9. Molly Reply

    don’t post any of you personal information o the internet or talk to any one you don’t know if there telling the truth. make sure you setting are on private and only you friends can see your personal information. 🙂

  10. khai Reply

    you should always be safe when on the internet you should be…


  11. Tomas Reply

    the games are cool

  12. Holly Reply

    As well as that, you need to ask permission from a parent or guardian if you know you shouldn’t be going on something.

  13. jake Reply

    don’t talk to strangers but if so tell a trusted adult amediantly

  14. Ava Reply

    You should never post personal information on the internet or pictures of yourself.

  15. libby Reply

    I cant wait to go one the website when I’ve got time 🙂

  16. gaurie Reply

    never give away pearsonal info e.g name, were you live, birthday…

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